Keep Yourself Away From Wadi Rum

Wadi Rum itself is a beautiful place, but PEOPLE who live there are very disgusting. They will be smiling to you, they will invite you to their home to show how good and nice they are to you, but…it is ALL a facade and a fake show. They do it with the only purpose – to impress and charm you. They will blind you with very sweet words and hospitality, they will make you believe that you are needed and they want you to come back, but behind your back the situation is quite opposite – they hate you and spread very bad things about you. All they need is just to take ALL the money you have, till the very last cent. The whole village is taking part in the scamming process, getting money and sharing the roles.

Of course, the Bedouins (along with a few uneducated western women that live in Wadi Rum and married a Bedouin) will say the female tourists go freely with them and the female tourists give them money freely. True, they didn’t hold a gun against these women’s heads. But they were not told: “hey, I am charming your socks off and falling in love with you, and I want you to meet my family who are part of my scamming game. When you return to your country I am going to tell you how much I miss you and love you every thing we speak on the phone. You will return to Jordan soon again and we lovers will have such a romantic time together. You will be paying for everything. Then back in your country, I will phone you to tell you a very sad fairy tale lie, about my horse that is very ill, and that I can’t pay for a vet and I can’t work now. That I need about 500 JD. I will make the story worse until you offer to help me and send me money through Western Union. I will talk about our future together, make plans with you, and you will return to Jordan again. Of course I will work my way to persuade you to bring me: a new mobile, and a video camera. When you leave, I will have another woman coming to see me in Jordan. Then one day you will find out and start asking critical questions. That is the time to ditch you. I am fine with that, cause I have 2 other women that I love and they love me and send me money too.”

It is a hidden secret and a very well kept secret, that everybody knows and nobody talks about. Only to be disguised through sharp observation or the hard way. Even the police and local authorities are aware, but do nothing when female tourists report to them.

So it is very necessary to spread the word, to create awareness and to warn (naive) female travellers not to fall for their crap. Besides the fact that they are screwing up the reputation of Wadi Rum and Petra, they are damaging the females emotionally and financially, who were convinced they were in a serious, committed relationship until they found out that they’ve had really bad time.

That is why, no matter what they say or how nice they are to you, never NEVER believe any word they say, otherwise you will get stuck in their net and will become the next victim. My story is one of these examples.

Complain On Mosa Saleah Al-Zalabeih (Wadi Rum, Jordan)

“It is a very sad story that took place with me in Wadi Rum. It is unbelievable that such a thing can still happen in the 21st century.

On January 1, 2014 I crossed the Israeli border with the only wish to spend a couple of days in a magnificent desert of Wadi Rum. At 1 pm Mosa Saleah Al-Zalabeih, – the owner of the WADI RUM GALAXY CAMP, – to whom I came to work as a volunteer, came to pick me up. He was not just cute on that day. He was incredibly handsome. I fell in love with him from the very first moment. He seemed to feel the same. He was smiling and looked happy.

On the way to Wadi Rum, I was feeling how this beautiful desert was putting magic on me. Everything was so familiar, as though I had been living there before. I was more than sure that it would be the right place to create a family and to stay there for life.

After 4 months (on May 13, 2014) I came back to Wadi Rum and we got married.

The first weeks that I spent with his mother were not really happy. The family was very poor and lived in terrible conditions. No kitchen, no shower, no bed linen, – nothing. Children slept on the sand and very often there was no food at all. When the school year got over and all the crowd left to the desert, I was left alone. Mosa locked me in a small dirty room which I shared with mice. He didn’t allow me to speak with anyone and controlled all my steps. I was kept like a slave in a jail. Very often he forgot about me and I had to stay hungry, without food and any means of communication. Through lie, sweet words and sometimes pressure my husband managed to take all my money. He scammed absolutely everything I had. When there was nothing else to take, he decided to throw me away like a trash. He never treated me like a wife. He didn’t spend a JD on me. No house, no food, nothing.

All the family knew that there was something wrong, but did noting. No one came to visit me or to ask whether I need anything. It seemed that Mosa waited for my death from starving. Then he would bury the body and sign with relief.

When Mosa decided to get rid of me, I managed to survive only thanks to the family, who found me. They brought me to their home, gave food and clothing. During 2 weeks the family took care of me. Thanks to them I went to the Tourist Police, wrote a complain on my husband and returned all the money. I had to put him into the jail, but under the pressure of the family I agreed not to do it. I was very sick and tired. The only wish I had was to return the money and to go back to my home.

Wadi Rum is the worst place you can choose to come. People lie here and treat foreigners VERY badly. The last time scamming is growing so rapidly in this region. In the police I was told that my case unfortunately was not the first one in Wadi Rum.

My husband treated me so badly. He lied to me from the very first day I know him. He made me leave my job and country. He made me take Islam. He organized a fake wedding in the village to make me believe that I will stay for life with him. After he scammed me for 4100 JD, I was needed no more. He threw me away like a trash. Only thanks to my complain that I wrote in the Tourist Police, I managed to return all the money and finally to come back to my country.

Sorry to say, but Wadi Rum, like Petra, has become a platform for scamming. People forgot their real values. Traditions and religion are dying here. Money has taken their place.”

* * *

Khaled Al-Zalabeih is a dating scammer and owner of RUMSHINES CAMP ( in Wadi Rum. In 2013 he scammed a European girl for 5000 JD. He pressed and threatened her in different ways. To safe her own life, the girl had to leave Wadi Rum, but she never got her money back. That is why, if you have been scammed, go to the Tourist Police in Wadi Rum directly! Don’t be scared. Have your money back and put the fucking scammer into the jail!”

Wadi Rum Desert Camps Fool Tourists

Most of the “camps” in Wadi Rum listed on the Internet (TripAdvisor, Routard, etc.) don’t actually exist. Their “owners” together with the help of their girlfriends, who write and speak good English, create a fake website and post a lot of self-promoting reviews in order to attract naive tourists. As a result, travellers find themselves in trouble and get scammed.

That is why, before going to Wadi Rum, insist the desert camps on sending you a scanned copy of their license, as 99.9% of them don’t have one.

Have this in mind before booking any tour, and don’t let Bedouins fool you with fake reviews and nemorous self-compliments.

Wadi Rum Is A Dangerous Place For SOLO FEMALE TRAVELLERS

Attention to you young and pretty women. Wadi Rum is a dangerous place for women. In fact, you better be warned before leaving as we see more and more scams sentimental in this part of the Jordanian desert.

The Bedouin woman is sacred, she is respected, but for them the European woman is full of perversion and must pay.

Exploitation Of Female Tourists In Wadi Rum 

Although the vast majority of Jordanians have a high sense of honor and good conduct, it seems that such tourist areas as Wadi Rum and Petra have a relatively high concentration of the Bedouins, who would exploit tourists in many ways. It can manifest itself as persistent aggressive begging, peddling cheap goods, charging 10X the normal prices for services and goods, and what this article focuses on: exploiting female tourists.

When you visit Wadi Rum/Petra, any Bedouin you meet in or outside the mentioned places, who starts to be a little too friendly is after your money. He will charm your socks off: take you to caves, cook for you under the stars, you will meet and spend time with his friends, party in the desert with them, stay with his family, who will be very kind and friendly and warm and generous with you. And he will declare his neverending love for you. When you go back home you will be receiving countless “I love you”, “I need you”, “I miss you”, “I want you”, loads of copy pasted internet sugary sweet one-liners, and lots of phone calls.

Meanwhile he will be doing the same to a number of other women. She is probably already sending him money on a monthly basis through Western Union. No, you are not the only one. When you leave, he most likely will have another woman lined up at the airport, returning to Jordan to be with him again. If is he lucky, he probably has 4 or 5, the more the merrier.

And once he knows he has you….that is when it will start…he wants your money. And he will invent any story to squeeze as much money out of you as he can through shrewd manipulation. He will phone you acting depressed, telling you he couldn’t find enough tourists in Wadi Rum/Petra, that he has no work…etc. He will pull back, go hot and cold on you, just to get your money.

DO NOT under any circumstances give or send them money. He does not love you, he will not marry you, he wants no future with you. It is not even about you. You are his business, his income. You are either his pocket money, gifts, a car, a website, a house, or even a small business. However convincing he may seem, all he wants is money…any way he can.

The exploitation happens in many forms, but is normally centered around one of the following:

-Easy and Free Sex

Many tourists come from countries where sex is more freely practiced outside of marriage. Love rats of Wadi Rum see this as a great opportunity for romance scam.

-A Source For Money

Many Bedouin gigolos who practice this scam view the “wealthy” tourist as a source of income. They keep asking their “girlfriend”, “fiance” or “wife” for “HELP” (money and expensive gifts) for various excuses, just like a professional scammer would play a confidence game on a victim.

-An Opportunity For Immigration

Some of those Bedouins who want to get out of Wadi Rum see their marriage as a way to gain residence and citizenship in a Western country. The economy in Petra and especially in Wadi Rum has been stagnant for decades, and poverty, lack of opportunity and the high cost of marriage lures Bedouins to trying these tricks.

Why It Works?

There are several factors that work in favor of the Bedouin scammers here.

One factor that helps is that most Bedouins look desirable to Western women, being of darker complexion than their compatriots. The fact that the foreigners are white blonds work in making the women attractive and desirable for the Bedouins.

Another factor is that the woman is coming to the tourist place to have a good time. It may be a break from stressful work or study, or perhaps a past relationship. This helps blind her to what is happening.

Yet another factor is the cultural differences which also create temporary blindness.

Moreover, Bedouins being with female tourists in the desert camps, away from their village where they would be observed by their extended family and friends, tend to make it easier for them to engage in sexual relationships and scams without being scrutinized by acquaintances, and no stigma is attached to these behaviors.

Finally, the Bedouin gigolos have perfected their techniques over the years, and are very skillful at what they do. They hate tourists and say a lot of disgusting words behind their back. These people have no values. They are desperate liars, love rats, scammers, and professional gigolos; they are not real Bedouins. They are Gypsies who misuse Jordan and put shame on it!

In order to stay safe, don’t tell anyone where you are from. Don’t accept tea from the Bedouin. Don’t look at anything you aren’t interested in buying, and don’t let anyone stop you if you don’t want to be stopped.

These Bedouins are very dirty-minded and their tourists’ fooling business is to be stopped!

As one of the examples of what happens in Petra, read women’s stories on the following page

You have no idea how very clever they play this love scam game.

So, enjoy Jordan, but be smart and sensible.,, And As One Of The Ways To Involve You Into Romance Scam

Women travelling to Wadi Rum and Petra should be aware of a deceptive scamming tactic called BEZNESS.

From their childhood the Bedouins are taught how to use emotional manipulation to gain money, expensive gifts, bank card numbers, and eventually visas from tourists. They will go to great lengths to do this.

Through charm, sweet words and beautiful lies they will try to take all your money. Scamming is growing very rapidly in this region.

Also, planning your trip to Jordan, be especially careful dealing with such volunteer/work exchange sites as,,, and, as they are often used by the Jordanian scammers.

Bedouins will kindly invite you to stay at their home. In exchange of food and accommodation you will be offered to help them with the tourists and website. Then slowly, you will find yourself being in love and even in romance relationship with one of them. These fake relationships can often lead to mental and even physical abuse. Victims are used and left financially and emotionally bankrupt.

If it has already happened, you are in DANGER! Contact the Tourist Police immediately and STOP the connection at once. Don’t trust these people. It is for your own safety.

Wadi Rum and Petra are getting very dangerous.

Scammer’s Behaviour:

-He works in a hotel /restaurant or is otherwise working in tourism (souvenir shops, tour guides);
-He comes from a poor village family or lower-middle class city family;
-He has a low status in society, working menial jobs, or – when you meet him in your country – he is there illegally (for example working in bars or pizza restaurants) or he is unclear about his job;
-You are advantaged over him in social status, financial position and/or connections;
-Your self-esteem is not very high, chronically or incidentally;
-He appears courteous, helpful and polite, the ideal son-in-law, impressing you and others;
-He is violent or unexpectedly rude towards people or animals;
-He flatters you and makes you feel good about yourself;
-He proposes to invest in land/projects/hotels together, where you would be the official owner;
-When not being watched he appears tense, angry, indifferent or unhappy;
-He is unpredictable in his contact with you, showing up at will, being sometimes flirty or intimate with you, at other times blunt or indifferent, making you “hooked” on the attention, which works disorienting;
-He lets you pay for drinks, outings etc (using excuses like loosing his wallet/lending money to friends);
-When he pays with your money, he pretends the money is his;
-He has photographs on which he appears with other foreigners;
-He has building projects going on, unlikely to be financed by himself considering his income;
-His family does not ask you any questions, but immediately pampers you;
-He tells you how you are different from other foreign partners he had;
-He mentions the topic of marriage often, with or without proposing ‘urfi or official marriage;
-He asks you to sign a document in Arabic, maybe with a prefab “translation” into your language (NEVER sign anything in Arabic and/or not translated by a reliable translator!);
-He seems always fussing about money, needed to help others out, to finance projects, to arrange licenses, pressuring you gently or bluntly to help out, there is always a time pressure involved;
-He manipulates you to pay his expenses;
-He manipulates you to ask your family, friends or local governments to offer financial assistance for his “projects”;
-You feel emotionally blackmailed;
-The relationship sometimes feels “not right”;
-You commit self-censorship by not admitting your gut feeling, blaming yourself for mistrusting;
-He looks and acts modern, but is dominant and controlling towards his mother and sisters;
-He shows contempt towards certain types of women (older tourists, belly dancers, city dwellers, Western women, young Egyptian girls);
-He confuses you by telling you opposite things or obvious lies;
-He has had a childhood marked by violence or neglect;
-He says or does things that you consider too embarrassing to speak about with others;
-He manipulates you to do or say things you do not want – by manipulation, mental pressure or the threat of violence;
-He isolates you from family or friends, by making a scene after every meeting or by convincing you they are not good enough for you;
-Your family and friends disapprove of the relation;
-He gives you presents which he obviously did not pay himself;
-He blackmails you after you accepted gifts from him, for they cost him money;
-He calls you stingy, cold, arrogant or insensitive, in order to make you feel guilty;
-The more you hang out with him, the more low your self-esteem gets.

Shame Of Jordan

Male Prostitution In Wadi Rum

Beware.. All the men from the Bedouin village of Wadi Rum lie! Their business is to fool all the girls they can by making them falling in love with them. They do it for business.. for sex and money.. They often have 2-5 foreign girlfriends at the same time. Their families lie and all the “nice” people you meet lie! They all lie for each other because they all want something… gifts, sex, money, phone, computer, a new donkey but mostly fun.. The money they get from girls they use to get other girls.. They will make you believe that they are different from the others and you will see love in their eyes.. But it is not true… Don’t ever trust them! They are all the same.. They will do everything to fool you.. They will pick you up in the airport, but when you leave they will go to pick up the next girl. They are whores, gigolos and they have sex with all possible… The villagers may appear very friendly and witty, but it’s all pretense. They want your money and will do what they can, cheat and lie to you, to get it. You will believe every lie they tell.. They are really good at this business!!

What shocks most of all is that the Jordan Tourism Board, Tourist Police and Government are aware of scamming, but do nothing to stop it or at least to warn tourists about the problem. On the contrary, the authorities hide all the facts going on saying that Jordan is a safe country. More ever they do AWARD!!! guides (on the photo: Mohammed Al-Khawaldeh) who scam old, but wealthy European ladies.


Wadi Rum And Petra Are The New “Bezness” Locations On The World Map

It is not different from Egypt, Morocco, Tunisia, and Turkey. The only difference is: the Bedouins hide it a lot better behind the hospitality, which Jordan is known for.

The Bedouins call it “fishing for tourists” and it is a very lucrative business. Many women have been fooled into an exclusive relationship only to find out that the Bedouin guy has a couple of other exclusive relationships at the same time.

Desert camps in Wadi Rum and the many stalls inside Petra are investments of the fooled women, who were ditched once they learn the bitter truth. The same goes for quite a few restaurants, small tourist businesses, the many jeeps. All financed by the fooled women.

That is why you can see many “handsome guys” with European girlfriends. The relationship is not mutual at all. For the women, yes. She thinks she is in a serious relationship, and why not? He tells her over and over how much he loves her. He makes plans for the future with her. Calls and texts her and begs her to come back to Jordan, because life is nothing without her.

For the “handsome guy”? No. For him a fooled  female tourist is his JOB that he will work on for a long time to get what he wants. She is his walking ATM, his opportunity to a small business, a car, a house, a new cell phone, a website, and monthly donations to help out his poor family.

And all that money, gifts and donkeys were given wholeheartedly based on LIES. His mother is not sick at all, there are no medical bills to be paid. His donkey did not die. He did not go to the dentist because he was in so much pain, and can’t pay the bill. His horse is not hungry, because he can’t afford the barley.
All lies to get the women to send him money.

And yes, they are very nice and very friendly and very generous. It is part of the game.

You have no idea how very clever they play this love scam game. And every solo female visitor is a possibility to become a JOB.

Every female tourist, even couples that visit Wadi Rum and Petra will be presented with the opportunity to drink tea, have dinner under the moon and stars, sleep in the desert and caves, meet his extended family, have dinner with them, cook with the female members of the family, etc etc.

Wadi Rum Scammers And Those Who Help Them

Nowadays more and more Western women – usually over 50 – find themselves involved in sex relationship with much younger Bedouins. Marjorie De Mesmaeker (55 y.o.) from Belgium and Ülle Pirnpuu (51 y.o.) from Estonia are a good example of it. Having reached the time of menopause, they seem to have lost their brains and the last drop of self-esteem. Sex with Bedouins, being much younger than they are, completely fucked their mind.

Marjorie has been already scammed  by a tour guide from Aqaba. Mohammed Al-Khawaldeh, – a well-known scammer, operating mainly in Amman, Aqaba and Petra, – was her first sex partner, who was sucking her wallet for a couple of years. She divorced her husband and left Belgium because of him. The fact that she paid Mohammad not only for his excellent “service”, but also for the expensive hotel and bought him numerous gifts, is not a secret for anyone. The 5 star Mövenpick Resort Tala Bay Aqaba still remembers Marjorie De Mesmaeker very well. She spent a lot of time there with him.


Marjorie De Mesmaeker writes: (taken from the facebook correspondence)

-“I just want to say something to you and if you want to know, before I came for the first time in Wadi Rum I was scammed by another one, you can find his name on the page of stop petra…mohammed khawaldeh .. and believe me he continues to scam other women from France and Europe ….”

Unfortunately, this old lady didn’t learn the lesson and in 2013, again, got involved in a new sex relationship, – this time with Eid Saleah Al-Zalabeih, a 34-year-old Bedouin from Wadi Rum. Currently Eid makes “business” with her, known among French speaking tourists as WADI RUM CIRCUIT ( Marjorie not only supports Eid financially, but also helps him a lot to scam solo female travelers.

Ülle Pirnpuu, – another woman over 50, – has more than just simple friendship with Eid Saleah. Since 2005 she used to come to Wadi Rum to have sex with him in the desert. Ülle has a big influence on Eid, what makes Marjorie extremely angry. Both women, having no feeling of self-respect, pay no attention that the villagers call them “sluts”, just into their face. Sex has superseded their brains so much that they have completely lost the ability to think maturely.

Marjorie De Mesmaeker and Ülle Pirnpuu from the very beginning knew what Mosa Saleah Al-Zalabeih and his brother Eid were going to do with the girl whose story is told above, but did absolutely NOTHING to warn or to protect her. The same you can say about the whole village. ALL of them were quite and indifferent, waiting and watching how these two monsters were scamming and plaguing to death a poor girl.

Some fragments from Ülle Pirnpuu to Marjorie De Mesmaeker’s facebook correspondence:

-“Go to Rum and make “business”. I told you that you can be a mother for Eid….you are 55 and Eid became  34 this month. Did you really believe that there can ever be a real love between you and Eid???? Yes, Eid loved you through money. This love could be continued but you as a middle aged woman used to pay for this. Everything in the life has a price. Nothing and never will be anything for free. A young woman can born a child for Eid…..maybe you were this young woman!!!”

-“All the village took you there as a slut. It was not good for Eid reputation…You were there for sex and you begged Eid  for love…”

-“Yes, I know this story between Mosa and this girl from the beginning. Eid told me and I was more than 100% against . But what can I do….. nothing. I knew that again a new girl is  going to be scammed. Year by year more and more Western women like you are going to Rum to make “business”…money=sex. I have seen so many “huge love” stories in Rum during these years. No need to act now like a child and to throw toys over the pram. I have been and stay for Eid. I am like a backdoor for him”.

Wadi Rum is a place to be avoided. If you are travelling alone or especially very concerned of your safety, keep yourself away from Wadi Rum. There are much more worthy places to be visited.

There are thousands of stories from girls around the world who experienced this. The government in Jordan knows about this problem, but doesn’t do anything about it!

The police know about this problem and should warn all the female tourists, especially in Wadi Rum and Petra Visitors Centers about these people, but they don’t.

The embassy and the airport of Amman and Aqaba should warn all the women who come, and especially the women that come more than one time, but they don’t!

Jordan is the ‘peace’ safe country in the Middle East, so they don’t want to destroy that image for the rest of the world.

It is also good for the Jordanian economy that all these girls keep coming and it is very bad for tourism if the world knew the truth about the “secrets” of beautiful Wadi Rum and Petra.


These are only a few stories told by the girls being scammed in Wadi Rum And Petra/Wadi Musa:

“Last year I’ve decided to go to Israel, posted a request on couchsurfing. Then a nice guy Ahmad Hhlalat (from Petra of course…!!) answered me and suggest me to come to Jordan. I told myself “why not???” I always wanted to go there! After talking via facebook, skype, whatssapp, viber,… (LOL) I’ve decided to not go to Israel but to spend a month in Jordan with that guy. Of course all what he said we were going to do seemed awesome!! Horses and camels riding, cycling, snorkeling, hiking, etc So a week later I was there! He came to Amman to pick me. He was nice and funny. After a week, he had a “problem” with his credit card. He didn’t ask me anything first, we went out to meet his father so he could sell him jewelry to get monney….. But for 2 weeks his card was still not working…. So yes I gave him money, maybe around 900euros. I mean now I don’t care about this money, I just feel that he has been cheating on me. Also, on a comment, I saw someone said he had many apartments to put his girlfriends on. But I was there for a month and he was 24/24h with me… And his family….. I spent lot of time with his uncle and his girlfriend, we were having fun, all this was fake too???? So during this month, it was about “I love you”, “Together forever”, etc etc and I was supposed to go back there. I would love that every visitors of Petra know about that before they arrive”.

* * *

“They emotionally manipulate female tourists into a FAKE romance. Slowly they work on their target only to gain financial and/or material benefit from her (sex is not the issue really). And they will go out of their way to make you believe he is truly in love with you. He will even take you home to meet his family, who will greet you warmly. But guess what: those overwhelming kind family members are also playing a part in the scamming game. When you are back home, he will pursue you with phone calls and “love you” text messages. Then one day…he will tell you a very sad story. He will need money to buy a new donkey cause his one died. Or his horse has nothing to eat. Or his mother is in hospital and he can’t pay the bill. Yawn….

He will also be silent all of a sudden. For a week, two weeks. You will be thinking uh? What happened? Don’t worry about that. He is working on his other female target, who returned to Jordan to spend time with him. He will tell you oh I was in hospital, I had an accident…I fell of my horse, my donkey, my camel… etc. etc.

Do not think for a second: nooo my Mosa, Ahmed, Atef, Mahmoud, Rami, etc etc is different.
No, no. He is not different. Don’t be fooled.

1) No muslim man will EVER ask a female for money or any luxury goods
2) No muslim man will EVER want a relationship with a much older female (! did you notice them?…the 45plus western females with their 20plus old bedouins? That you think…how is it possible that this old western woman has a bedouin son…lol)

So ladies, before you visit Jordan, know about the tricks they use, which is accurately described here:

Sure yes, it does happen all over the world. But it should not be kept a secret where it is happening. It is happening big time in Wadi Rum and Petra, Jordan.

BE SMART. By all means, go ahead, drink tea with them at the site, have a nice chat…but then: WALK AWAY and continue enjoying your trip in Jordan. Cause apart from the scammer creeps of Wadi Rum, Uhm Sayhoun and Wadi Musa, it is a very beautiful country and worth visiting.

Another tip if you plan to book a trip: MAKE SURE YOU BOOK WITH A REPUTABLE COMPANY. Preferably one that is licensed with the tourism ministry of Jordan. Do research!”

* * *

“Even though I met some nice people during my one-week stay in Rum Village, some (including my host Mosa) were complete assholes. He just left to the desert and didn’t leave any food, so I had to go to others for it. He also owned my money which he refused to return until I threatened to remove the website I made for his camp. Also, there is so much gossip in the village. I had no interest in Arab men at all, dressed modestly and acted politely. Still the village thought I was a slut having sex with everyone. I was very disappointed to see all of this. Again, not all of them are like that, but too many are”.

* * *

“I am looking forward to a less traumatic year this year. I never want to meet again the sort of evil scammers, whom I met in Wadi Musa. I trust that the Jordanian Police are still in the process of weeding them out from what is the most prestigious tourist spot in Jordan – Petra. Just be very careful. Some of the Bedouin tribes there are very powerful and have practised their art of deception for so long that they have become expert. It is the only way they have the opportunity to make big money in what is a nickel and dime business for the Bedouins, namely selling donkey, camel and horse rides and selling very often fake artifacts. They are reasonably well off because the Jordanian Government mostly gives them everything so do not let them get away with crying poor. I wish I had had the benefit of hindsight before I set foot in Jordan.

Thankfully Australia listened to me (and other victims) and have published this warning on their website for Advice on Jordan, under CRIME:

There has been an increase in the number of scams and thefts targeting foreigners, including tourists.

We are aware of scammers targeting single women travellers, using the false pretence of companionship or marriage to solicit large sums of money. Women are also vulnerable to harassment, which can include leering, unwanted physical contact and stalking. There have been several incidents of sexual assault against foreign women. You should avoid walking alone after dark and in isolated places.

Do not believe a word anyone says – especially some of the Wadi Musa Bedouins – they will do and say anything to get money. They do not seem to fear the wrath of Allah or the fate which is clearly spelt out in the Holy Qur’an about the desolation which is waiting for them in hell.

The good people of Wadi Musa – and there are many – are powerless to do anything against these dominant Bedouin families who abuse their power to dupe unsuspecting Western Tourists. They seem to think it is all a game. I have news for them. You cannot treat fellow human beings the way they are treating them without the Jordanian Law or God calling you to account.

Be very wary if you are a solo female traveller in Jordan. There were no such warnings around when I innocently visited in August 2010. At least now the Authorities and Embassies are aware of these scammers and are publishing warnings to their citizens before they travel. A few of us were brave enough to stand up and be counted but I am still owed 20,000 Jordanian Dinars by Hamza Abdulmotaleb Mohammed Alhasanat of Wadi Musa. If you see him driving around Wadi Musa in the 2004 Blue Pajero which he fraudulently acquired with my money which I loaned him to start an eco-tourism business for the benefit of the Bedouins of Wadi Musa, just remember my warnings, please and don’t go near him.

and here’s the UK travel advice for Jordan:

Safety and Security – Crime

Although levels of crime are generally low, women, in particular, should be careful to avoid situations where they might become victims of sexual assault. Advice from the Jordanian police is that, anyone who finds themselves stranded – even in daytime – should call the police (191 or 192). The police will then take the person to a place of safety. Do not accept lifts from strangers. If you have to use a taxi and are resident in Jordan, try to use a regular driver whom you trust and keep his telephone number with you at all times. In the case of short-term visitors to Amman, your hotel should be able to introduce you to a reliable driver.

Australia has to be the best country in the world for really being able to live freely. We, Australians (and that includes the majority of good Muslim Australians) must cherish that freedom and do everything in our power to resist Shariah Law coming anywhere near our shores. I am sure Lakemba will fight for their freedoms.”

* * *

“Petra itself is great…but single female travelers BEWARE!

Petra itself is beautiful, albeit expensive to see…they raised the price so it costs 50JD for non-Arab nationals. Based on my experience, do the Petra By Night tour for 2xJD (includes nighttime guide, traditional Bedouin music…it’s really a magical experience), and skip the daytime one, it pales in comparison. However, the ruins and relics there are still amazing to see, and if you can endure a day-long exploration (or at least a 3-hour trek to the monastery), then by all means do so.

Oh, and bring your own water and snacks, as the prices are tourist-gouging.

The thing female travelers need to be worried about (and the reason for the low-rating) are the disturbingly LARGE number of overt sexual come-ons that will be flying your way. I am male, but my female traveling companion went through several of these…not just IN Petra, but outside in town as well. My friend went ahead of me about an hour because I was still tired, and she was propositioned constantly by the Bedouins in the Petra grounds…at first they told her that she could get a horse ride for free to the entrance as it was included (nothing weird about that, I got that offer too). But when they reached the entrance, the rider said if she wanted, they could give her a ride to the top of the monastery for free too, if she gave them 30 minutes. “For what?” she asked. They then said “I know a cave, we can go in, have sex, then leave in 30 minutes”. After protesting that she was married (she wasn’t), they said “OK, 15 minutes, just kissing and touching!”. Suffice to say she was disgusted. She would then hear from other Bedouin males in their teens telling her about their sexual exploits (one even told her he had a three-way the night before with some French girls). One 12-year-old selling jewelry tried to yank her towards him and FORCIBLY kiss her (probably thinking he could get away with it because of his age). She had to scream to get him off her.

According to some people who we met on the trip who live there, this is quite common in Petra, as even during desert camping trips they would hit on married women for quick “private” tours away from the husbands. Even when she and I were walking around town together, they would make cat calls to her, *despite* my presence next to her. Another traveling male-female couple had to pretend to be married to get them away from her, but they didn’t care.

We noticed they didn’t try this with Muslim or Arab women, just foreigners. My friend was NOT wearing anything revealing btw, as her arms, legs, chest…basically everything was covered, but it didn’t matter. Foreign women = fair game. Even our driver from Madaba warned us to be careful, as “people in Petra are crazy”.

As a result the place left us with a very bad taste in our mouths, and she felt quite UNSAFE walking around on her own there, whereas she felt totally comfortable everywhere else in Jordan. Whereas I totally recommend Petra as one of the must-see SIGHTS in Jordan, the people are horrendous…and if you are female wear a Hijab or Niqab, otherwise you’ll have men fawning all over you trying to get into your pants.”

* * *

“It has been a year since I met Hamza Abdulmotaleb Mohammed Alhasanat and his family in Wadi Musa. After a brief meeting in Petra and subsequent 4 months on the internet Yahoo messenger he convinced me that he wanted to help the local Bedouin Community. He sent me an email which stated that he understood that the money I sent him was a loan and that everything had to be in my name but he will say anything to get money from tourists. I reported the scam to the Jordan Police on 29 November 2010 and made a complaint against this scammer but as far as I am aware nothing has been done to stop him. He is still luring unsuspecting tourists into his scams with his very devious chat. I am posting this so that women who are travelling alone in Wadi Musa will know that there are many scammers there who are only out to get as much money as they can from tourists. I have been contacted by several other victims of Hamza and his associates.

They have no scruples and will say anything to get money out of tourists especially women travelling on their own. Beware the Wadi Musa scammers but do not miss visiting Petra. It is one of the best tourist destinations in the Middle East.”

* * *

“All the boys from the bedouin village by Petra, Wadi Musa, Wadi Rum are scammers and liars!

Eamad, Ghassab, Khaled Albdoul, Athman Salm, Ahmed Alfaqeer, Mohammed Alfaqeer, Mohammed Ali Albdoul and Ahmed known as Johnny Deep.

Their business is to fool and cheat all the girls they can into falling in love with them. They do it for business – to get sex and money. They often have 2-5 foreign girlfriends at the same time. Their family knows and lies as well. All the “nice” people you meet lie! They all lie for each other because they all want something… Gifts, sex, money, phone, computer, cloths, gasoline, a donkey, even camels…The money they get from girls they use to get other girls.

They will make you believe that they are different from the others and you will see the love in their eyes. But it is not true! Don’t ever trust them! They are all the same. They do anything to fool you!

They will take you to caves in the mountains, to the most beautiful views, they will make fire and cook for you, take you to their family, dance, drink, watch the sunset and sunrise on a blanket under the ‘shooting stars’.

They do business with girls! They go with tourists and then they charm the girls to believe that they are in love with them. The truth is that they just want sex. When the girl goes back home, they will make friends with her on facebook, messenger, skype, e-mail or phone. They are on all social media and have a lot of different accounts and names, so all the girls they trick don’t know about all the other girls. They will try to get you to come back to Jordan. And if you go back – they will pick you up in the airport or hotel, but when you leave they go pick up the next girl or a new tourist. If you had sex with one of them please go to your doctor and get tested for all sex diseases (HIV, chlamydia, gonorrhea etc.) and Hepatitis B. They are whores, gigolos, scammers, trick thieves and they have sex with all possible. It is like trick rape, so don’t ever think that is true that a Bedouin boy from Petra loves you or want to marry you!

They will all tell you that you are special and that they love you, but also tell you lies about that their donkey died, their car is broke, their motorbike was stolen, they have to go to the hospital, someone complained about them so they have to go to jail. They often pretend to get into trouble and want you to send money through Western Union. They come up with the craziest stories – Only to get the money from you!!

They look like Johnny Depp (Jack Sparrow), most of them have kohl in their eyes, wear scarf’s or have long hair. If you are with your husband or boyfriend they will fool him too, they will let you believe you are his best friend but also try to fuck your wife or girlfriend!

Names of boys doing this for full-time business (with variations of their names): Eamad, Ghassab, Khaled Albdoul, Athman Salm, Othman Salm, Mohammad, Ahmed Alfaquer, Alfaqeer, Alfageer, Alfakeer, Mohammed Alfaquer, Alfaqeer, Alfageer, Alfakeer, Mohammed Albdoul, Albdool, Bdool, Bdoul, Mohammed Ali and Ahmed known as Johnny Deep (but they are not the only ones). They are all the same.. All the boys, men, girls, women and kids in the village is making business and living by cheating tourists.
And you will believe every lie they tell.. They are really good at this business!!”

* * *

“Pay attention to all involved, and how professional they do it. Even the wife of Rami has a page on her website about safety in Jordan, which includes the scamming. Very, very clever, since she lives with the family Mashaleh that are up to their ears in scamming. The whole family is part of it !! All brothers, the cousins. Pretty sad, and even worse: pathetic them all being “devoted” muslims. But doing evil, criminal things to non-muslim female tourists does not matter. To Bedouins western female tourists are all sharmutas (whores) anyway, and they deserve to be scammed. That is what a scammer told me. Great uh?

Bedouin of Wadi Musa and Uhm Sayhoun are kind, friendly, sweet, generous, warm….for 1 reason and for 1 reason only: THEY ARE AFTER YOUR MONEY. They want you to buy them things (laptops, phones, ipads, cars even, even business and houses, yes for real this has happened to a few ignorant women !!)

They will keep smothering you with messages and phone calls when you return home, to keep you warm: to send them money via Western Union.

The average wage for a bedouin on horse inside Petra is around, let’s say JD 300. They get by on that. Easily. The families are large, all brothers work in Petra or offer tours and earn their bit of money that goes toward the whole family.

So imagine how wealthy female tourists are making them by sending JOD 200 – 300 every month and buying them all those gifts. You can be sure, they have more to spend than you, it might not seem that way, but it is. They are not poor. They are simply lazy to get out there and do an honest job.

Never believe their heartbreaking stories. They are telling lies, one after the other.